'RowTec' In-Row Cooling

'RowTec' In-Row Cooling

The Weatherite In-Row Cooling range is ideal for Data Centres with or without a floor void and offers an extremely versatile, highly efficient cooling solution.

Positioned within the server racks, our In-Row cooling solutions delivers precision cooling horizontally across the front of the server racks, acting as a cooling curtain, right up to the full height of the server racks- minimising possible hot spots.

Our In-Row cooling solutions can also be integrated into traditional aisle configurations or, for further cooling performance, incorporated into a hot (HAC) or cold (CAC) aisle containment system – significantly enhancing the facilities efficiency and performance.

Our range of In-Row cooling designs incorporate digital scroll compressors and variable speed EC fans, providing exceptional operational efficiency and energy savings.


  • Compact cabinet design with high cooling capacity - minimising floor space requirements
  • Variable speed EC fan technology – minimising power, to match demand
  • Easy to install and maintain - only front and back access required
  • Quiet, high efficiency scroll compressors
  • A range of cooling capacities from 10kW to 65kW
  • Flexible/versatile cooling solution


  • Scalable solution
  • Predictable cooling - positioning the In-Row unit close to the heat load source
  • Minimised risk of hot spots at the rack level
  • Horizontal airflow design - suitable for non-raised or raised floors
  • Can be used in HAC or CAC applications to further improve the Data Centres cooling efficiency
  • Modular, self-contained unit - making it ideal when server/rack demand increases
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Easy service accessibility

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