'CabTec' Cabin/Switchroom Cooling

'CabTec' Cabin/Switchroom Cooling

With over 35 years’ experience cooling telecommunications infrastructure, the Weatherite range of packaged, self-contained, outdoor Cabin Coolers have been specifically designed to cool base stations, telecom cabins, equipment rooms and similar applications.

Designed for where internal space is limited or unavailable, the Weatherite range of self-contained Cabin Coolers offers an ideal solution and, operating continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, help reduce energy consumption by utilising the benefits of free outside air.

Externally mounted, the packaged units have been specifically designed to maximise free-cooling capabilities and are quick and easy to install.

The Weatherite range incorporates three methods to control room temperature - fresh air free cooling, refrigeration mode or electrical heating, ensuring optimum temperature is maintained continually throughout the year.


  • Packaged, self-contained solution
  • A range of models to suit most applications
  • Up to 100% free cooling
  • EC Fans as standard
  • Low operating noise levels
  • Easy to install and commission
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Secure, tamper proof fixings
  • Highly efficient, low energy solution
  • Trend IQ4xcite controls with remote interrogation
  • High efficiency scroll compressors


  • Significant reduction in energy costs
  • Free cooling for up to 90% of the year (UK)
  • High efficiency operation, year round
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Years of efficient, quiet operation - for minimal capital outlay
  • Up to three stages of operation – maximising cooling efficiencies
  • Self-contained, packaged, secure solution
  • High efficiency filtration
  • Remote interrogation and monitoring
  • Internal or external options
  • Upflow or downflow options available

Typical Applications:

  • Telecom Base Stations
  • Switch & Relay Stations
  • Telecom Cabins
  • Small Computer Rooms
  • Replacement / Upgrade Applications

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