'AIRBOX' Aisle Containment Solutions

'AIRBOX' Aisle Containment Solutions

Airbox - The energy efficient addition to your Data Centre air-flow management strategy.

Over 70% of server failures tend to occur in the top third of the rack, where the temperature is generally at its highest.

Therefore, any solution that can reduce this situation should be considered. Also, the separation of hot and cold air is key to any efficient data centre cooling strategy.

Airbox from Weatherite is a bespoke aisle containment solution that provides a highly effective method of controlling air flow within a Data Centre. By preventing hot air mixing with cold inlet air, Airbox dramatically improves the cooling efficiency around the server racks - delivering a number of benefits.

Whether it’s a completely new data centre or an upgrade of an existing facility, aisle containment can offer a comprehensive, cost saving, highly efficient addition to your cooling strategy.


  • Substantial improvement of cooling efficiencies
  • Compact, bespoke design to suit each individual data centre
  • Solutions for Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle applications
  • Suitable for new and existing facilities
  • Manufactured and installed by Weatherite – the UK’s cooling equipment experts
  • Range of access door options and automatic opening roof panel systems


  • Provides focused cooling at the racks
  • Improves the efficiency of the cooling system
  • Helps eliminate temperature fluctuation
  • Helps lower energy costs and carbon emissions
  • Helps eliminate hot spots
  • Can be implemented in new or existing data centres
  • Power savings on cooling equipment – extending lifetime of the equipment
  • Ideal for new or retrofit applications

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