'AdTec- I' Indirect Adiabatic Cooling

'AdTec- I' Indirect Adiabatic Cooling

Virtually everything that happens online originates from within some form of data centre and, with the growing technologies such as AI, loT, VR, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Gaming, E-Commerce, Edge Computing, Robotics, 5G, etc, the need for new data centres looks set to continue for many years to  come.

Operating 24/7 these data centres consume vast amounts of energy and generate significant levels of heat - and this heat needs to be effectively controlled to ensure the safe, energy efficient, reliable and continual operation of the mission critical IT facilities housed within them.

Indirect free cooling, in combination with  adiabatic cooling, can deliver substantial benefits when looking for a data centre cooling solution.

As one of Europe’s leading independent manufacturers of energy efficient, packaged  cooling equipment, all our data centre cooling solutions are designed to meet the exact requirements of each individual data centre.

As part of our continual research and development programmes, we’ve developed a unique Indirect Adiabatic Cooling Solution that  delivers exceptional cooling capabilities whilst also delivering substantial energy savings and minimising carbon emissions.

Introducing the new ‘AdTec-i’ range of Indirect Adiabatic Cooling Solutions.


  • Unique ‘Fully Packaged’ indirect adiabatic solution -offering extensive design benefits over other solutions

  • Utilises the principles of both free cooling and adiabatic cooling

  • Can substantially reduce or even eliminate the need for mechanical cooling

  • Flexible modular design-to suit each individual data centre

  • Extremely low water consumption

  • Heat transfer achieved using fluid to air heat exchangers

  • Extremely low annual operating costs due to unique design

  • 100% ‘Indirect’ solution (totally separate air paths - no cross over)

  • Adiabatic cooling provided by mains water and re-used, if not evaporated

  • High efficiency EC Fans on both data hall and heat rejection side

  • Extremely low pPUE

  • Adiabatic cooling effect generated by wetted pads - rather than spray-based system - therefore, no need for legionella notification testing

  • Year round or partial free cooling – delivering substantial energy savings

  • Low airside pressure drops-improving fan efficiencies even further

  • No need for RO mains water treatment

  • Incorporating latest control technology and software algorithms

  • Range of special coatings and interiors for extreme environments

  • Capacities from 50kW up to 200kW

  • Quality as standard

  • Manufactured in the UK


  • Lower capital costs compared to other adiabatic solutions

  • Low water consumption

  • Utilisation of ‘mains supply’ water- no requirement for ‘reverse osmosis water treatment’

  • If adiabatic element is not required, a by-pass damper opens to reduce ‘air-side’ pressure drop-thereby reducing fan power usage and associated energy costs

  • No legionella concerns - due to innovative design

  • A more flexible design - compared to other solutions

  • Extremely low carbon footprint

  • No water tower requirement

  • Flexibility built into our ‘packaged’ design - ensuring we deliver exactly the right configuration

  • Longer maintenance intervals

  • Maintenance does not interrupt IT operations

  • Quality as standard - over 47 years delivering bespoke cooling solutions

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